What does acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture is probably best known in the West for its treatment of pain, and there is a growing body of high quality scientific research that support its use in the management of painful conditions, such as of the back, neck, shoulder, elbow, knee and heel. Acupuncture is also well known for its ability to relax the body and mind and can be used for anyone suffering from stress. Acupuncture can also be used alongside medical treatment in a supportive care role and help in the management of chronic health conditions.  Acupuncture has a long history of clinical use and is generally considered safe when performed by experienced, well-trained practitioners using sterile needles. Improperly performed acupuncture can cause serious side effects.  Monica Seelig has over 25 years clinical experience and only uses high quality pre-sterilised disposable needles in the clinic.

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The quality and quantity of scientific research into the effectiveness of acupuncture is increasing and we are only beginning to be able to understand and measure how acupuncture works. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has evolved over 5,000 years in China, making it one of the oldest health systems still in use today.  TCM includes not only acupuncture but also Chinese Herbal Medicine and other treatment modalities (such as massage, cupping and moxa) and offers a different set of diagnostics tools and methods to help manage your symptoms and improve your well-being. It is therefore also worth considering TCM if you are suffereing from a chronic health condition that has failed to respond to other forms of treatment.

I have had 25 years clinical experience and incorporate a number of different treatment methods into your treatment. For example, the combination of remedial massage techniques and cuppling as well as acupuncture for the relief of muscular pain associated with many acute and chronic painful muscular conditions. Chinese herbal medicines support and strengthen the body based on the diagnosis of your condition according to Chinese medicinal terms.

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